Tomatoes Can Protect Your Skin Against Sunburn


The tomato contains valuable substances which, according to a study, can keep the skin young and protect against sunburn.

Tomato is the best of beauty creams and sunscreens? Yes, according to British scientists at Newcastle University. This red fruit is therefore a valuable natural and economic alternative to expensive cosmetics and health skin products.

Tomatoes have always accompanied to the summer tables made ​​of fresh food, tasty and nutritious. Eaten in salads, as a sauce or any way that suggests, the fantasy of these fruits can be valuable allies in the health and beauty of the skin – but not only because it is well known and scientifically proven that the substances contained in them are excellent for health in general.

A contend for the title of best product creams for skin health is Lycopene, a powerful antioxidant substance contained in tomato – especially when they are concentrated in the form of sauce, ketchup, juice and so on.

But the important thing is never missing it from our table if we want to prevent not only the diseases of aging and those of the cardiovascular system but, as mentioned, also protect the skin from external attacks such as the harmful UV rays.

In the study, whose results were presented to the Royal Society of Medicine in London by Professor Mark Birch-Machin, researchers at the UN have compared the skin of 20 female volunteers aged between 21 and 47 years, divided by the chance into two groups.

Half of the participants were made ​​to take five tablespoons (55 g) of tomato sauce with the addition of 10 g of olive oil every day for 12 weeks. The belonging to the other half of the group has done by assuming control in the same manner only olive oil.

During the follow-up period, the volunteers were exposed to UV rays in the sunlight. At the end of twelve weeks of testing, the analysis conducted on women participants showed a significant improvement in the ability of the skin to protect themselves from UV rays between those who were part of the “tomato sauce” group, as compared with the control group.

In percentage terms, the group that took the tomatoes found 33 percent more protection against sunburn in the form of a minor redness of the skin. This protection, obtained only by eating the tomato, has an equivalent in protection factor as the sunscreens with SPF 1.3, according to the calculations of the British scientists.

Finally, the analysis of some skin of the participants who had been taken tomatoes before and after the test showed an increase in the levels of procollagen. This enzyme is the precursor of collagen, the substance that gives skin its structure and the loss of which leads to aging and the typical lack of elasticity.

In addition, researchers have found that there was also less damage to the mitochondrial DNA, which is also connected to the aging of the skin.

Of course, as scientists point out, the dose taken by the volunteers was equal to what you might find eating a lot of tomato-based dishes, so eating tomatoes will not make you invincible under the sun, but can be a useful adjunct along with sunscreens, shade and clothing.

The protective effect of eating tomatoes on our mitochondria is also important as they are producers of energy in every cell of our body including the skin. So be kind to our mitochondria can contribute to improving the health of the skin, which in turn may have an anti-aging effect.

Well, considering all the beneficial properties of tomatoes not only have to make them more room on our table – indeed they are so tasty that certainly will not be a chore.

Quick Health Tips For Weight Loss And Fitness

women weight loss

A great approach to holistic living is taking a healthy diet. Healthy food keeps us energetic and fit. Taking effort to be conscious of what you eat goes a long way. Here are some great tips to incorporate in your diet and move towards a healthier lifestyle.

Before you begin, however, it is advised that you check with a physician to rule out fat accumulation due to a medical condition.

1. Super foods

The first intake in the day ought to be power packed. It should ideally be fresh fruits and vegetables or high nutrition protein shakes. Blending in fresh spinach and fruits, flax seeds and milk is a great way to take a powerful dose of nutrients early in the day.

2. Cut down on harmful stuff

Go for options that help you reduce the intake of fat. E.g. use flavored stuffing like minced meat, ground turkey, fish, chicken, herbs etc in capsicum and zucchini for meals; mix Dijon mustard with yogurt to replace mayonnaise.

Also, reduce the amount of daily sugar and salt. Refrain from beverages like cola since they have very high sugar content. You can replace salt with spices or with potassium salts instead of sodium salts. Try to replace oil with chicken or vegetable stock. Or use olive and grape-seed oil instead.

3. Fresh Organic Foods

Fresh, seasonal vegetables are the best. The vegetables from your own garden have the highest nutritional value. Cook up healthy recipes. Make sure you eat the skins of the fruits and vegetables, since they contain the maximum nutrients.

4. Eat little but often for increased metabolism

Skipping your meals is bad. And breakfast is the most important meal of the day, since it’s the first meal in a long time after dinner. Skipping meals will make you lethargic and cause fat accumulation to tackle the starvation.

5. Increase iron intake

You can increase your iron intake by adding fresh green leafy vegetables to your diet. You can add them to your salads too. Have fresh salad every day. It’s best to grow the salad ingredients yourself as it makes for the healthiest possible option. You can make your salad as colorful as you like. You must only natural stuff like olive oil, fruit vinegar, mustard, yogurt etc. for the dressing.

6. Exercise

The best hours of exercising are always the first few hours early in the day. You can also exercise for half an hour shortly before dinner to boost your metabolism.

7. Eat properly and consciously

You must thoroughly chew your food and eat moderately slow – putting your fork down after every bite. It gives time to your stomach to tell you sufficiently in advance that it is full. Also be conscious of what you are eating. Appreciate every bite. And NEVER take snacks before going to bed.

8. Take sufficient proteins

Soya, tofu, lentils, lima beans, etc. are great sources of proteins and you can add them easily to your dishes.

9. Low fat food

Prepare food yourself instead of buying junk food. Homemade pizza, salad or pasta is the best option when you are pressed for time. Use spices and herbs to replace preservative-laden or chemical food flavors. Add chilies to your diet to boost your metabolism. You can also lose the egg yolk when going for an omelet, since yolks are high in fat and cholesterol. Just use the egg whites for all the wholesomeness – and without the added fats.

10. Terrific trick

You can get rid of fat in home baked stuff by throwing in some ice cubes into the baking tray. The ice cubes attract all the fat!

11. Hot water

Shun cold water. It does great wonders if you drink warm water in the morning. It helps burn your calories faster. Squeeze a little lemon for great added advantages. It boosts metabolism, prevents constipation and is a great oxidant.

12. Eat Before Grocery Shopping

Make sure you step out with a full stomach when you go grocery shopping. It prevents you from splurging on food thoughtlessly. You will find it easier to ignore high fat and high sugar snacks. Healthy snacks are available today. Get those for yourself.

13. Find a partner

Either find a friend or join a club for constant motivation to work on and achieve your goal of healthy living. Get your spouse and children involved and give them delicious and healthy food too.

Are you ready to lose weight in 2018? Check this article: Phen375 avis: ingrédients, effets secondaires, résultats, prix, où l’acheter

Health Benefits of Green Tea

green tea

Green tea is made up of Camellia Sinensis leaves which are dried and steamed. Green tea consists of several medicinal values. These are found 5,000 years back in China.

Green tea consists of great health advantages because of the content epigallocatechin-3-gallate, or EGCG. This substance consists of 40% polyphenol which are available in green tea.

Take your doctor suggestion before starting green tea consumption.

Health Advantages of Green Tea

Cardiovascular Disease

Daily consumption of green tea prevents from hypertension, coronary artery disease, atherosclerosis and high triglycerides. Green tea is useful in curing risk of strokes, blood thinner, brain damage and heart attacks. Green tea is helpful in reducing excess LDL cholesterol.

An experiment which is done in the year of 2003 which is related to “Archives of Internal Medicine” revealed this green tea containing with theaflavin lessens LDL levels when green tea combine with low saturated fat food.

National Institutes of Health reveals that green tea lessens the problems of heart attack and atherosclerosis. There may be a chance of raise in hypertension by drinking green tea. It may be possible because tea contains caffeine and some refreshment substances.


Green tea effectively protects cancer, the reason it contains rich amounts antioxidants. Some specific substances which are available in green tea stops the development of new blood vessels which nourishes tumors, it is said by American Cancer Society.

EGCG is a substance which is present in green tea stops the vascular growth which causes apoptosis in leukemic cellsand reduces the enzymes which plays a key role in cell replication and DNA synthesis. These actions stops the growth of cancers such as breast and colorectal, bladder cancers, prostate, ovarian, pancreatic, lung and esophageal.

Green tea is useful in reducing skin cancer; it is said by Maryland Medical Center. EGCG and some polyphenols which are available in green tea have the anticancer and anti-inflammatory properties.


Green tea can naturally reduce the blood sugar levels. Green tea is useful to reduce development of type 1 diabetes. It lessens the succession of diabetes even after development. In August 2004,  “BMC Pharmacology” proved that individuals who has taken green tea is tested for oral glucose tolerance examination, the results showed that capability of utilization of blood sugar levels are raised.

Periodontal Disease

Green tea is useful to reduce gum diseases and cavities, the reason it consists antibacterial properties as well as green tea leaves consists of fluoride which is useful to stop cavities. Fluoride amounts which are available in green tea are equal to the Fluoride availability in water.

Osteoporosis and Bone Loss

Green tea is useful to reduce bone loss and osteoporosis. Elderly women who take green tea most often have the ability of   preservation of hip structure which is dangerously damaged by osteoporosis, it is published by “American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Weight Loss

Mixture of caffeine and catechins used in green tea fastens the metabolism and has a capability to burn fats. It is said by World’s Healthiest Foods. Green tea reduces visceral fats which deposits in the abdominal cavity and intestines.

Accumulation of visceral fat are related with type 2 diabetes and metabolic disorders. A study in animal revealed that excess amounts of consumption of green tea encourages the utilization of fatty acids by liver and muscle cells, by lessening the amounts of glycogen utilization.

Green tea is useful to lose weight and maintain weight. This can be even better if add some supplement to it. For example PhenQ fat burner pills from Birthorderplus.

Diseases of Cognition

Catechins of green tea provide a wide variety of neuroprotective advantages such as damaging free radicals, chelation of iron, protection brain cells from spoilage, regulating mitochondrial function.

These are very advantageous for individuals who suffer with Alzheimer’s, dementia and Parkinson’s disorders and mentally disabled. But we cannot say that green tea is advantageous for good memory and cognition. Green tea consists of caffeine and stimulates neuro-processes.

Viral and Bacterial Infections

Experiments are getting done on the antibacterial and antiviral properties of the green tea. Some element of green tea is helpful to cure the problems of external genital warts which is caused by human papillomavirus, it is said by NIH.

Green tea stops the growth of viruses in HTLV-1 and reduces flu and cold symptoms. An experiment done in 2005 November, the matter of “Antiviral Research” revealed that substances which are present in green tea stops the replication of influenza virus.