Eat Healthy And Fight Slow Metabolism

Eat Healthy And Fight Slow Metabolism

If we consider losing weight we should think about slow and quick metabolisms. Usually, metabolism is maintained by thyroid glands. A lethargic thyroid causes gain in weight. If anybody wants to have weight loss, they must have the concern about thyroid.

If anybody wants to lose weight, it is better to note the following: this is the causative factors that lessen the metabolic rate.

Causative Factor 1: Consuming insufficient proteins.

Generally, the human body requires a specific quantity of proteins to function well. If you do not consume sufficient protein from your food, the result will be unpleasant. It will enhance weight.  So to avoid this, what should we do? It is better to consume high amounts of proteins. It is not needed to have chicken in dinner every day but has 2 – 3 protein shakes every day. Beans contain rich proteins & fiber. Chickpeas also contain high amounts of proteins. If anybody wants to have sufficient proteins in their body they should eat meat, legumes & beans regularly.

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Causative Factor 2: Not having sufficient sleep.

One reason which lessens metabolism is not having sufficient sleep. While we sleep, our body discharges hormone that is called Human Growth Hormone (HGH). This Human Growth Hormone is useful in the recovery of muscle. Generally, it regulates metabolism. If you don’t have sufficient sleep you are not letting to get your body to get well.It is always better to have 6 – 8 hours of sufficient sleep every day. It increases metabolisms. You can sleep for short periods in day times also. If you have sleep means we are recharging our body. Generally, Bodybuilders have the awareness of the necessity of sleep. Sometimes people are unable to have slept for 6 – 8 hours in a day because the reason they tie up with busy works. It is better to have slept as much as possible. In sleep, our body takes rest & get recharged.

Causative Factor 3: Craving for a snack before sleep.

It is not good habit having meals before going to bed, but most of the people do it. They used to eat their meals just before going to bed. They consume a cup of ice cream before going to bed. These all are really bad health habits. It is better to quit the habit of eating meals just before going to sleep. It is better to drink excess water after having dinner. After having dinner also somebody feels hungry & they want to eat again but drinking excess water after having dinner will reduce the hunger & there is no need to eat again & again. So it is helpful in losing weight.  Drinking water after having dinner makes us feel our stomach full so we cannot eat meals again & again in the night time. So it is always better to drink water after finishing dinner.

Slow metabolism leads to gaining weight. It is always better to have speed metabolism rather than slow so we can maintain our weight without gaining.

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