Pregnant And Beautiful

Pregnant And Beautiful

It’s true that pregnant women have a certain glow about them. Even if it’s a tough pregnancy and you don’t feel like you’re glowing, others perceive it. It has something to do with the knowledge that a baby whom you can’t imagine loving as much as you will is on its way and moms understand that. Women who have not yet had a baby admire that.

Most women enjoy their growing baby bump. It’s the only time in your life when weight gain is not only acceptable but it is healthy and expected. But there may come a time near the end of your pregnancy when you’re getting bigger and you don’t feel so beautiful. If you’re blessed with multiples, that time could come much earlier. Regardless of when you may start to feel unattractive, you should embrace your body all the way through your pregnancy and enjoy every minute of your growing figure. Seem like an impossible mental task?

Try these simple tips to keep yourself feeling as great as you look.

1. Always remember why you’re figure is changing. You’re having a baby or babies! It’s very easy to lose sight of that gift and focus on wider hips, legs or a bit more chin than you’re used to seeing in the mirror. It will help to allow yourself time every morning and evening to set your mind on the reality of your pregnancy. Be glad that you can always lose the baby weight but you only have 9 months to provide the healthiest environment for your child that will affect him for the rest of his life – to do that you’ve got to gain some weight.

2. Determine which is going to be more important and productive to your day – comfort or fashion. A certain outfit or pair of pants may look good on and may boost your confidence as you’re getting ready in the morning, but if your clothes are too tight and make you uncomfortable it may not be worth a few satisfying glances in the mirror. Be quick to put away tops that are too short. If you have to keep tugging at your shirt all day, you’re going to look and feel miserable.

3. Buy shoes that are comfortable. This makes all the difference especially by the mid-point of your pregnancy. Tired, swollen feet don’t recover as quickly during pregnancy. You could end up with chronic pain in your feet and legs from wearing shoes that don’t fit. Don’t be afraid to wear the same comfortable pair of shoes every day.

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4. If your face is changing as a result of weight gain, breakouts, pregnancy mask or the spreading nose phenomenon don’t allow yourself to obsess over it. Take the time to find cosmetics that will work with your skin. There are many websites dedicated to offering advice and solutions to these struggles. Make your makeup work for you by accentuating your eyes at the brow line, the cheek line near your ears, and your lips. This will help draw attention away from any features you feel are an embarrassment.

5. Treat yourself to a pedicure, pregnancy massage or trip to a stylist. Often this is the last thing we want to do when we’re already feeling less than our best and are always tired, but the effort will be worth it. You’ll be relaxed and come away feeling better, ready to take on the next few weeks of pregnancy. If you’re back or shoulders are hurting consider a chiropractor that specializes in maternal adjustments.

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