Pump Up The Volume: Dealing With Thin/Fine Hair

Pump Up The Volume: Dealing With Thin/Fine Hair

Having thin or fine hair can be frustrating. Most women with this hair type have to deal with limp, lifeless hair and if your tresses are thinning or sparse, that can make matters even worse. Just short of adding extensions, there are some ways you can get more life and volume into your hair and work with what you have instead of wishing for what you don’t have.

One of the easiest ways to get more volume into your hair is by purchasing the right products. With the advancement of technology and hair care know-how, there are tons of hair products on the market that are designed specifically for pumping hair up and giving off the appearance of volume. These items are known as hair thickeners. There are whole lines of hair thickening products available, such as shampoos, conditioners, and styling sprays. When using hair thickening products opt for lightweight formulas that won’t weigh your hair down like gels do. Also, avoid hair products that contain silicone for shine – all it will do is flatten your hair over time. Any hair product that is considered a polisher, wax or molding mud will give your hair a limp, greasy and matted down appearance, making your fine hair even more noticeable. A good quality root volumizer and lightweight mousse are great additions to your hair care arsenal.

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Aside from hair products you can make your fine or thin hair work in your favor with the right haircut and style. If you’re feeling daring, you can pull off a cropped cut, which is a short, tapered style. This particular haircut is great for drawing attention to the eyes. Bob hairstyles are ideal for making thin or fine hair appear more voluminous. Long bobs work for heart-shaped faces, while short bobs look good on oval face shapes. Layers can add some volume to thin hair and work well with virtually any hair length. Chop cuts are the same as a bob except that the ends are irregular. This change serves to add dimension. Asymmetric hairstyles also have the ability to create the illusion of more hair.

The way you style your hair is also important to add much-needed volume. Humidity is one quick way to ruin thin hair. After washing your hair, dry your tresses as best as you can and then add your favorite hairspray or lightweight mousse and apply it to your hair. While blow drying uses a round brush to lift and dry the roots first and work your way down to the ends. Once your hair is completely dry, use the same mousse or lightweight hairspray and apply it to your fingers and rub onto your ends. This will act as a holding spray that will ward off any humidity and keep your hair in top condition. Blow drying your hair from the roots while brushing it straight up creates a natural lift in volume to make this a common practice after washing and conditioning. Another hair care secret for thin hair types is to make sure your tresses are as dry as possible before applying style products. This will help it look fuller and hold your favorite style.

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